Born in the tropics. Raised as a desert bedouin. Living within the shadows. Playing with light. And trying to be social..

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A woman with a watch is always on time, never missing an opportunity and always in control..

I have had my share of watches throughout the years and loved each one of them. But to me, it was just a simple accessory that told me the time. Now, it is completely different. After joining team WATCH GIRL DUBAI and learning more and more about watches, I have suddenly opened up a burning passion for it. Not only because it is a fashion accessory, but also the story behind each piece. How special, how intricate and how fascinating each piece is made, how it works and how different each piece has evolved over the years.

I am still learning. And enjoying every minute of it. It also makes it so worth-while to spend this time with friends – we learn together, we teach other, we get to be creative together and we are building something so good, so amazing that time certainly is on our side, and we are definitely making the most of it.

So, stay tuned as I share more of our adventures and passion for watches.