We all have a wonder woman inside of us…

I have never been your feminine all too floral and frilly kinda gal. I prefer to go towards the more comfy tomboy, rocker chic kinda vibe. But I definitely don’t mind a pretty dress from time to time. I just try to mix it up a little so that I am more comfortable. I think that is the whole basis of personal style – being able to adapt to certain looks and trends, but still making it your very own.

I love Zadig & Voltaire because the brands style personally speaks to me. It is feminine with subtle masculine touches and definitely love the fact that their clothes are the most comfortable ever and you can seriously mix them up with any wardrobe.

The weather is just absolutely perfect for this kind of look. A flowing dress paired up with some boots and a hat which me thinks adds that attitude I like to go for. Plus I love the cold shoulders. This dress is great for summer too. Just pair it up with some nude sandals and a straw hat and you are good to go.

How about you guys? How to play with your favourite dresses?!

Shot on Location at The Courtyard

Photography By Princess Lovella