Staying true to who you really are is a struggle when you want to fit in. But nothing beats embracing the beauty of your own individuality and loving your own skin…Make every move #YourMove

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through 2017. Time has been passing by so quickly and I honestly do not even know where it is really going. At times, I even wonder if I can actually just stop time or slow it down a bit so I can actually catch my breathe. Anyways, summer is just around the corner out here in the sandpit and it is time to mix it up a bit with my timepieces. The latest #SwatchSkin collection recently launched and I am inlove with how light, flexible and easy it is to wear.



The collection is now available in the market and my personal favourite would have to be the silver metal knit and mesh versions. I love how light and sleek they are and go perfectly for my outfits day or night. Make sure you to check them out this season.