Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen…

Winters in Dubai has never been cold. It used to be though. Way back when the city was just small and quiet. Nowadays, the sun shines brighter, the cold winds don’t really last as long and although the weather is not as cold as expected, we still savor each moment before the heat starts creeping in again.

So if you ask if it does get cold out here, I would have to say not really. You may see shivering in my knits from time to time but that is only because I actually really can’t manage the cold weather well so I layer up as much as I can to be comfortable. It may be sunny outside during the day but early mornings out in desert and late nights outdoors can surely get a bit chilly. Let’s not even start with indoor malls coz they seem to blast those air conditioning to the max during winter time and I am not sure why.

Anyways, I take advantage of the layering part. We don’t get to enjoy that as much out here so here is one of my favorite looks this winter. Captured one fine 60morning in the middle of nowhere. Yes, the sun is shining big and bright, but the cold wind blowing was not as forgiving.




Photography by Princess Lovella