last summer, i did something rather out of the blue. i colored my hair. and chopped it off. i am technically back to my original jet-black hair and definitely much longer now but i am actually thinking whether it would be a good idea to chop it off again and go lighter. again. help? coz its too much of a headache with all the decisions. anyways, as you may have noticed, i have this thing with white. everything in my place is white. my closet is piled up with white. white clothes. white shoes. white bags. and to think i am so clumsy at keeping it clean.

anyways, i am currently stocking up on new white stuff. yes. i know its crazy. but i believe me, you cant have enough of it out here. coz it looks perfect for summers in dubai. mind you, summer lasts for 8 months or more out here so it is a good idea. and because i am looking back at some old photos to see if i can convince myself to go for the chop and color, i might as well give you a little white style inspiration.

found some similar styles and great alternatives at SHOPBOP so make sure to check out the links below and enjoy a little white shopping spree.

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photographs captured by princess lovella

p.s. i am doing some minor changes on the blog this week. expect some great new updates and hope you love them.

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