and perhaps
what made her beautiful
was not her appearance
or what she achieved,
but in her love
and in her courage,
and her audacity
to believe:
no matter
the darkness
around her,
light ran wild
within her,
and that was the way
she came alive,
and it showed up
in everything.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

Yes. This is technically a wedding dress. And no, I am not getting married. Far from it. The dresses are from the collection of my beloved friend USHI SATO who is a couturier currently based in Philippines, creating beautiful bridal dresses.

These dresses were sent over here in Dubai a few months ago for a photoshoot and before we send it back to him, he asked me to try them on and shoot them. I am obviously not superstitious so I didn’t mind trying it on – surprised that it actually fit me. Loved that it looked amazing as always with his work.

It was a quick shoot. Basically coz it wasn’t technically mine. The dresses were supposed to be worn and shot for the wedding portraits of my photographer Lovella who recently married. I just squeezed in 5 minutes to shoot a set of me wearing it so Ushi had some photographs for his own collection. Plus I obviously could not resist – a girl does dream of her wedding dress.

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