as the heat increases in the sandpit and as staycations and out-of-town vacations are listed on the agenda of everyone, bikinis are usually on the top of our shopping list. finding the perfect pair can be a pain. i know it is for me. i have a small chest, a pretty normal sized waist and well, a much larger hip. it may seem normal but believe me, it has never been easy to find something that fit perfectly. and we know how important it is to find a bikini that does. anyways, i own two bikinis and have been itching to find one more to add in my closet. so i have been roaming online the whole week trying to find the perfect one.

my requirements?! apart from the fact that i want them to fit me perfectly? i like it to be in just one basic color. something in black or white. but i wont mind a bright, bold color or a good print with that summer touch. bikinis are in itself already sexy so i prefer to keep it toned down and because style has evolved so much in recent years, it is a lot easier for me coz there is a great range of style to choose from with subtle cuts and intricate detailing.

what about you? do you have a swimwear preference?

and so since it is officially bikini season, make sure you grab a new pair to have a fabulously stylish summer. check out some of my personal favorites from SHOPBOP, J.CREW, NET-A-PORTER and ASOS.

photographs captured by tinayums