Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered…

I know. I know. I have once again lost touch. I have been so busy trying to set everything up for my Youtube channel and to be honest, it has taken up more time than I thought. In any case, as hard and as challenging as it is, I am super proud to say that I am finally set and ready to officially start loading content on my channel. Will obviously be sharing the videos here as well but I do hope I can see you guys out there too. So please do share some of that love and subscribe to my channel…It is going be a lot different as it will be far more casual, more personal and a lot more spontaneous.

And because my channel is sorted, I can finally get back on track on my blog schedule and start sharing my curated outfits and stories with you. So yes, I am back and definitely ready to rock!!

Sharing my latest love affair and this month it is with Velvet. I am pretty sure this is no new trend as I have seen this all over since early last year but I basically just got around to it now coz it took me a bit to find the right shade of velvet to wear. I have seen mostly blush shades which does not really speak to me. But when I saw this blue beauty, I knew I had to give it a try. And voila! How do you guys like it? Have you tried this trend yet?