i have always believed in dreams. not the ones you technically have when you sleep. but those that you dream about when you’re awake. those that set the path for your goals. those that push you to strive for more. and those that put your heart and soul on fire.

what do you dream about?!

having a stylist/designer friend certainly has its perks. like being able to ask him if something looks good or not, having company whenever you need to shop for something specific or having him design and create an outfit for you for a special event. obviously, one of the best things is that you get a first look at his collection, season after season. and this time around, i grabbed my favourite almost instantly when i saw it hanging on the rack. his collection is available for viewing and purchase, and yes, he does international delivery.

sometimes i think the one thing i love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever i want…

i am sharing my love for the latest collection and gifting two beautiful bloggers (one based in dubai and one based internationally) their very own USHI SATO candy top. will be informing the chosen gals soon after me and ushi go through all of your comments on IG posted a couple of days ago and i am hoping they enjoy styling it themselves. here is to an amazing last quarter of the year and looking forward to more amazing things ahead 🙂