I am in a tropical state of mind…

To be honest, I am not happy to be saying goodbye to winter in Dubai. Summer out here is no walk in the park. It is hot. It is humid. And will seriously burn the life out of you. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit but seriously though, it is not pretty. Transition weather comes second best out here coz it is pleasant and a great mix of cool winds with some bright sunshiny goodness. I am hoping it can last for at least another month before summer fully kicks in and we all hide indoors and take cover from the burning heat. Oh but believe me, there are still some brave souls out there that lay around the beaches thinking the sun out here can’t kill them. Like seriously?!

Anyways, I am putting away my winter clothes in storage and starting to gather my summer outfits together and put together looks that I want to wear and experiment with this new season. Not sure what I have up my sleeve but I am definitely loving me some tropical vibes. Much like this little beauty I found over at MaxMara.

What do you think? Perfect for a summer getaway?!