because real love creates the most beautiful stories to capture..

I was in a dark place as the year ended, I was hurt, sad and definitely angry. But GOD does work in wonders because he placed me in a position where I will not lose sight of who I was as a person, a person who believed in love.

Yes, I technically stopped shooting weddings but when friends request it, I make it a point to grab my camera and share a vulnerable part of myself to capture some beautiful images. It is the one thing I know that I can give to them that they will value and treasure for the rest of their lives. And so, I did. No matter how down I was, no matter how difficult it was mentally, emotionally and physically to move, I pushed myself to be there. And it was glorious.

The weather was amazing. The styling was perfect. The bride and groom were inlove. And I was able to capture every single moment perfectly, for them.

And as I looked at all the photographs, my surroundings and how beautiful the day was, my tears ran down my face, as I got reminded how beautiful life still really is. How amazing my friends are, my family. How lucky I still was, to be here to witness this beauty, the love and the magic of the sunrise and sunset.

To Olyn and Marlon. Always.

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