the most common question i get when i talk about blogging is how long does it take to be successful. how long before i get more hits on the blog? how do i get more followers on instagram and more people to comment on the blog? when do i get invites to events and when do i get all the amazing gifts? when will i get noticed and featured? will i ever get a chance to collaborate with big brands and when will i be able to charge for my post?

there is no such thing as overnight success…

  • taking ages for you to get the 1000 mark? i get a good 120,000 to 150,000 visits on a daily basis on the blog (of course it goes down if i dont update) but then again ive been blogging for years so i have a good readership standing that i have worked on to achieve. so unless you are willing to expose yourself naked online or start up a huge controversy, it will take some time for any new blogger to get there. remember that your blog statistics wont move if you dont. so consistency is key. regularly update your blog and learn to engage with your readers if you want to get more traffic.
  • although the number of followers and the amount of comment engagement you get matters, content is still key. remember that adding value to what you share can gain you real followers and true feedback from readers. i mean who in their right mind would believe anyone who gets an additional 5k followers in one day?! the blonde salad does not even get that lucky.
  • it should never be about the freebies or gifts. although that is a perk we all admit to love, it should never be the basis of your blog. always be grateful but also note that nothing really comes in for free. most of these freebies and gifts expect coverage in return so you have to be careful on how you actually deal with it.
  • we all want to be included. and being invited to all those amazing events and activities can really boost up your game in networking. but that does not mean you have to go to every single one. choose where you go wisely. because going to an extravagant medical conference or real-estate preview wont do you or your readers any good coz it has nothing to do with what your initial interest is on the blog. and for the love of vogue, do not crash events that you have no actual invites to.
  • start up blog campaigns are great to be a part of if you are just starting out. it is a good way to learn the ropes in dealing with brands, meeting new bloggers and getting exposure. remember though that you will not fit the requirements of all the brands when it comes to collaborations and projects. at the end of the day, they choose bloggers they work with based not only on their actual profile and personal style but also their ranking and credibility.  this is the main reason why brands work with more established bloggers when money is involved.
  • integrity is the one thing you cannot lose when blogging. the longer you blog, the need to be noticed and be exposed to the market increases – you want more opportunities, you want more projects. that is understandable, but sometimes, you forget what matters most and you technically sell-out. how can you believe a blogger who features cheap and affordable outfits when you know she wont even get caught dead wearing one? one of the worst things you can do is post anything and everything a PR agency sends you just because you want to get ahead by making it good with them and grab all the goodies. know the kind of blogger you want to be. choose who you work with. and keep up with it without sacrificing who you really are and your worth and last but not the least, always remember the value of your blog.
  • you do not need validation for your blog. just because you are not as popular as other bloggers are right now, does not mean you are less capable. learn from more established bloggers, see how you can improve but most importantly innovate as you go.
  • blogging isnt always about how long you have been doing it. it is more about doing right. slowly but surely, one step at a time.
  • oh and before i forget. keep those feet grounded, no matter how expensive your shoes get or how high you soar.


photography by princess lovella

it took a long time to establish my blog. and i had to be patient with its growth throughout the years. this was my baby, so i was never really afraid of the hard work, or how much time it would take me and how much effort i had to put in to produce the kind of content i wanted and the direction i wanted to take with it. the more pressing issue to ask yourself here is what exactly do you want to gain out of your blogging. to me, that is the only way you can really answer the question on success. my take on it and how i measure it is certainly different from you and everybody else. no matter how slow or fast you get there, it is all about how we look at it.

your growth as a blogger can be the most exciting experience. so savour every minute of it. everything else will follow.