You will usually find me in my most comfortable outfit on a normal day, even if that means random fashion events or big client meetings. For a person who loves to dress up, I honestly hate getting all dolled up for days I technically consider pretty normal. To me, I like to keep that part of my love affair for those special days and nights. When it calls for that one-of-a-kind dress. A call to my ever reliable makeup artist buddy. And taking those fancy shoes from the top shelf out for a spin.

I am lucky that I have my person. My go-t0-designer/stylist who makes sure I am dolled up and dressed up in his creations when I have something special to go to. This little robe was designed by non-other than USHI SATO and i remember telling him that i wanted something simple and very much inspired by love for loungewear. He came up with the bedroom robe with a little twist. And when i say twist, I mean wait till I turn my back  😉

Elegance is never about standing out. It is all about being remembered…



Shot on Location at Al Boom Tourist Village

Photography by Princess Lovella