one of the many questions i get asked about photography and blogging is about the perfect time to shoot. i remember doing a session with a few bloggers and a few of them have had frustrations on why we always had to shoot early in the morning. as bloggers, it is crucial for you to understand that good quality photographs are key in producing quality images. there is a reason why those photos you so crave about from fellow fashion bloggers are oh so good. and you can only get good quality photos if (1) you have a good photographer who knows what he is doing and (2) if you shoot at a really great location and only at the right time.

a good photograph is knowing where to stand…

whenever i know i want a particular outfit shot in the morning, i usually wake up as early as 4am to get my things sorted and ready. i am on location by 530am, have a dose of my morning coffee and off we shoot. as much as possible, i like to get my photos sorted and done by 830am-9am. you can see the huge difference in the quality of light in the photos if you shoot anything after that time. morning light gives a softer and more subtle ray of light. i personally like morning sessions more (especially during early summer time) because i get more things done. plus the morning breeze in the sandpit is far better than the heat in the afternoon. oh and the fact that there are hardly any people roaming around makes it even better. from time to time though, i like to mix it up and shoot in the mid-afternoon to welcome a bit of the sunset light – a bit of creativity and play with shadows can be interesting and if you would like to add a certain kind of mood and hint of color in your photos, then shooting in the afternoon is your best bet.


photography by tinayums

remember that both sunrise and sunset shoots are a bit hard coz they give you very little space to manage time – the sun rises up quickly and it can get harsh in a matter of minutes and same goes for sunsets coz you might just miss the light once the sun starts to go down. its all about learning how to work with the light that you have and making the most of it.

note that the worst time to shoot is between 10am-3pm. and believe me, out here in the sandpit, it can be the worst – the sun is a lot more harsh here so imagine the kind of light you are getting when you shoot during this time – harsh light brings out all your flaws and imperfections plus lets not forget those raccoon eyes. it is way too bright, it washes out everything like the details of your clothes and accessories and it does not do any justice to your surrounding location.

so the next time you set your outfit shoot, inspire yourself a bit and invest in some of that good time. believe me, you wont regret it.



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  • Pam Scalfi

    8am London is way too cold to be braving out but then again its when the streets are empty…so win lose situation really.

    Loving your top 😀
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • Great tips but 5:30 is so early for me! Loving your pictures and of course that adorable top xo


    the way to my Hart

  • Interesting post M! Wowwww you wake up every morning at 4 am??? And I thought I was early hahaha…We usually shoot after 1 pm (because of the sun), but I agree! I prefer morning sessions too 🙂 You look fabulous as always! Happy Easter! xoxo Vivian

  • Stella Asteria

    Amazing look and photos my dear! You look stunning!!

  • Once upon a time, I asked a professional blog photographer what was the best time to take photos and she replied that there was only one time, and that being the golden hour. So for many months, that’d be the only time I did shoots. Whilst the glow was gorgeous, the yellow light cast on my skin, not so much 🙂 thank you for sharing these tips. Not many are as forthcoming or generous with their knowledge xoxo

  • Very interesting post and text. It’s great to see how much you put into your blog. And the pictures are always so amazing!

  • Wow I love this look! The top is so perfect! And thank you so much for the tips, I always thought that the best time to shoot was around 1.00 P.M. I will try to shoot in the early morning next time!
    Have a great weekend!
    Love Erica

  • Love these shots, and the blouse, with the of the shoulder look and texture is fab. Good advice. i am not a morning person, so I aim for the golden hour.
    xx, Elle

  • Sandramecy Mecy

    love the look combo gorgeous!

  • These are seriously good tips! It’s so true that the lighting is softer in the morning, and great point about there being less people out and about!

    Chow Down USA

  • You look so beautiful, love love love your outfit !

  • Gorgeous photos!! Love your top x

  • As always I am incredibly in love with these images! Besides the photography I also love the off shoulder blouse! It has the perfect print!

    Sophie xx

  • Wow gorgeous look! Have a nice week!

  • Wow 4am, no wonder your blog is a success, great style,xoxo BING.