You would think that blogging is so amazing and glamorous. Fun-filled with events, freebies and gifts, Always surrounded by creative and interesting people, with fabulous opportunities and enormous amounts of money. I have been blogging for more than 10 years and although this is partly true, there is a totally different side of it that not everyone speaks about.

Let’s get real shall we?!

  • You don’t have enough followers. OK. So how much is enough really?!
  • You will get rejected numerous times. It does not matter if you work hard, have great creatives or have great engagement. If you don’t fit into a brand’s vision, you won’t cut it. OK. That kinda hurt but I understand.
  • You won’t always get invited to events, dinners, gatherings or exclusive previews because (a) The PR does not know who you are (b) The PR does not like you (c) You are not popular enough to be on the list and (d) all of the above
  • You are asian. I can’t help where I was born. You are not thin enough. But rice is so good. You are not pretty enough. Pretty like how exactly? Would surgery help?! Believe me, I have heard it all.
  • You don’t fit luxury brands because you are not really the target market. But here is the press release so if you can kindly post them on your social media, that would be great. Huh?!
  • You invest in quality and expensive gear, research extensively for inspiration, create content by shooting outside in the heat, scout for great locations and edit countless of hours. But the one snapped with a phone selfie in the bathroom gets more credit and probably gets paid too. You on the other hand, after having spent hours and money to create the exact same content, well, a thank you will be good enough right?! Wrong baby!!
  • Events season is great but if you miss out on a whole season, people immediately think you quit blogging and stop inviting you coz you are no longer active. Really?! Last time I checked my blog is still running and I post daily on instagram.
  • Photoshoots to create content is the core of blogging. But man, it is tiring both mentally and physically. It takes hours to create content and don’t even get me started on dressing up in the car or public toilets. It is not as much fun as you may think.
  • Can I also say my makeup melts every single time I shoot. Honestly do not know how these other bloggers go around taking selfies and hopping from one event to another with their full on makeup intact the entire time as if the sun skipped on them or something. I mean is that some sort of special talent or foundation that I do not know about?!
  • Hi blogger (I have a name by the way), because we are giving you freebies, vouchers, gifting you this amazing product or inviting you to this fabulous event, you are obligated to post 4 instagram posts, 1 video and 1 boomerang. Really?!
  • I am an active blogger and I spend a good amount of money to maintain it. I pay 200$ a year to be exact. And that does not even include expenses when I do projects, create content and go for events. So I really have no words left in my brain when I get an email asking me to create content and post to promote for 2$. Is that like better than nothing at all? Where do I draw the line?!
  • We don’t have a budget. But your support is appreciated – 5 instagram posts please. Haha! You are funny!
  • Please find herewith the latest press release on medical supplies. Ummm….ok, I thought I was a style blogger.
  • Hello, our brand caters and market to all colours, race and sizes. But you are not Arab or European so we apologize as we currently can’t work with you. Wow and you cater to all huh?!
  • You don’t have enough engagement. Ok. So those one liner comments from fake people are ok?
  • You will sometimes get a few stares, and the ever famous “you don’t belong here” look at events. Ok people are looking at me weird, do I have something in my teeth?!
  • Do it for the gram! I am sure I am not the only one out here who has gone out of her/his way to capture an image for instagram. Thankfully though, my brain is still properly fixed in my head to not go on rooftops and hang for dear life just coz I need validation and millions of likes.

Don’t get dismayed. Blogging is tough and no one ever said it was easy. You can’t please everyone, you won’t always be ahead and you won’t always get the same opportunities as others. There will always be struggles, disappointments and sometimes, a few judgemental looks and opinions. It isn’t always about the perfect feed or the number of following or traffic that you have. And it definitely isn’t about the number of projects you have on your plate, the lineup of brands that you work with or the amount of money you get.

Being in this industry means you need to learn to have thick skin for all the rejections you will face. So it is so important to never lose sight of why you started blogging in the first place. You need to believe not only in yourself but also however far you may go with your blogging, it will always be about your journey. Your success depends on how you appreciate whatever comes for you. As long as you love what you do, enjoy what you share, and stay inspired to create, you can’t go wrong. Remember your worth and no matter who you are, where you are from and how you look like, it does not give anyone the right to ever look down on you or think less of you. You are worth every respect, every dime and whatever little acknowledgement there may be for the work that you do.

Hope everyone is having a great week!! #bloghustle

Disclaimer: This is me, experiencing blogging/social media where I am based. I am not sure what other bloggers experience out here or those who are outside of the Middle East. Englighten me with your comments and thoughts.


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