during a shoot earlier this year, i realized that most people who live in dubai (the expats) have no knowledge about old dubai. they dont even know it exists. and to me, that is so sad. having lived here all my life, meant that i got to experience the history of dubai. and although a lot has changed (mind you, they are good changes and in just about 10 years), i still go back to how it was, the beauty of how simple and amazingly beautiful this place is with its old souqs, the textured structures, the abras, the food and the music. and so if you see a lot of old dubai in my recent posts, it is only because i am trying to give back to my beloved dubai and show you how beautiful this place is. the city is so much more than just its fancy tall buildings, its beautiful 5 star hotel resorts and fancy restaurants.

anyways, the al fahidi fort is one of my beloved locations here in dubai. it was built in 1787 and is the oldest standing structure in dubai. yes. the oldest. and i am so glad dubai has maintained it. and the dubai museum is situated inside – i will hopefully get a chance to visit that next so i can show you. have not been inside since high school. this basically showcases the beautiful structure that is built with coral rock and mortar. there is actually a huge dhow across the tower but i skipped capturing it coz i just wanted to concentrate the structure (will snap one next time).

this is located at the heart of burdubai, downtown old dubai and its one of those busy, and crowded streets. so i dont exactly going with your car. take the metro or a cab. it is usually packed with tourists during the day. and local artists, students and people like me who love culture, come by from time to time to give the old fort some love.

H&M pajama top | GAP shorts | TOPSHOP slipons | ZARA hat | BANANA REPUBLIC purse | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses 

photographs captured by tinayums

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