this summer i am celebrating my 11th year of blogging over here at

i first started blogging back in 2005. back when it was just blogspot and zanga. i moved to wordpress and officially relaunched as a style blog in 2009 and well, ever since then, i have never looked back. the growth of this industry has been truly amazing and the acceptance we now receive has been really overwhelming. but unfortunately, we still have those who do not believe in the power and beauty of blogging.

some still think we are useless narcissistic people, taking random selfies and talking fashion and shopping bullshit online non-stop 24hours a day, walking around looking like everybody else snapping and instagramming for no good reason whatsoever (forgive me for the term but i seriously could not think of a better sentence coz it is literally what i would hear people say).

i will be honest and say that a fraction of that is true. i have been in this industry to know who does it for all the wrong reasons. some may do it because they are in fact narcissistic. some may do it for the freebies (which by the way sometimes dont even amount to the work that you put into the coverage you make), some may do it for the fame or the money. but there is a good fraction of us who do it as a start up for actual work or business. some do it as a legit hobby or just a simple creative outlet. whatever the reason, to me, as long you have extended the effort and truly love what you are doing, and your blog, you deserve every respect and should never be looked down upon.

your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth…

ok so let me take this opportunity to clear things. mind you, this is completely my views. my perspective.

  1. you may think we never ever spend for anything but we actually invest in our blogs and social media. you know that domain? we pay for it. hosting? we pay for it. the layout? we pay for it. we actually invest money in creating a beautiful website so that each and every visit you make is an experience.
  2. we put in a lot of time to create the content for our blog. planning an editorial for the month is not easy. not only is it time consuming, but it is also brain racking. simply because you want to creative original content every single time. and believe me, in this day and age, almost everything has been done already. ok, so i may not have taken off my clothes off yet for those calvin klein underwear and lingerie in bed posts but i dont think that is actually included in any of my future content. i have my boundaries. plus the stubborn tummy fat will most probably turn away followers rather than gain them.
  3. we carry bags and bags of sample pieces to shoot, mixed along with other items for projects and stuff of our own. and when you are as small as me, with no assistant whatsoever, that is hell tiring and can result in having a bad back and strained shoulders. not funny at all. me thinks a good trolley is in order though.
  4. those photos? well lets set aside the selfies. because if you see great images on a blog or social media, that actually takes time and effort. scouting for new locations can be hell because you dont want to shoot in the same place over and over again, having every single blogger in the city shooting in the same place, creating the same photos right?! and the shoot itself? well it is never easy. always take into consideration the location, the weather and the restrictions. during winter, we shoot out in the cold. during summer, we sweat and burn. try wearing heels on sand or mud. or be stuck in a bush scared as hell coz you saw a snake wandering around on the other side but you power through coz the photo is gonna be amazing if you get it at that angle. did i mention how difficult it is to actually change in the car? try squeezing in a dress in a convertible in the middle of the day, in a place where indecent exposure means jail time and deportation. oh and lets note those icky public toilets in between. sweet huh?!
  5. and if you dont have an actual photographer to work with, have pity on those who do it themselves. i mean imagine standing in the middle of the street with a camera on a tripod posing like a crazy woman with people staring at you. its ok to be stared at really. i am actually more worried about the camera and tripod. what if a strong wind blows over everything? what if a bad man comes, steals and runs away with your gear?! the madness!!!
  6. selection of final images takes ages. i mean imagine looking at 1000 photographs in one sitting? editing them is a whole different story. one photo can take a hours to edit. now imagine if there are graphics involved. i mean seriously, it is a good thing my eyes still work.
  7. and obviously those little paragraphs you read with each post? well, that is not easy either. i am not a journalist. and even if i have a background in english which i do not literally practice for my blog, i sometimes do not know what to write about. being online is a huge responsibility so being positive in whatever i share is always a must. you want to be inspiring, you want to write about something that matters, probably not to the economy or business or current affairs, but something from you, something that is personal or from the heart. whatever the write-up is, those take time, dedication and a whole lot of personal input from the blogger. i mean cmon, i am sharing my heart and soul out here so dont i get a credit?!
  8. lets not talk about the fact that we have to read the post again. and again. and again. i simply write stuff as i think of them and sometimes, my spelling or grammar is just all wonky. ok well, i will admit that i dont even practice proper writing but then again, at the end of the day, it has to be easy to read right? i dont pretend to be some hotshot writer and will never use big ass words to sound smart because i am a normal person who just wants to connect with normal people. so dont mind the language. if you dont like reading it, then gosh, dont read it right?!
  9. those darn flatlays?! well honey is not as peachy as it looks. my office looks like a huge pile of mess every single time. the food does not always get eaten coz who wants to die of poison when you sprayed it with gas or oil to make it look so much yummier (insight in a little photography here). when you are allergic to pollen, it is not so much fun shooting with bouquets of flowers scattered everywhere. and organising every single piece to fit the grid, making sure they all match or blend well is mind boggling. we switch things every single minute, taking sample shots which amount a hundred before we get the perfect one. did i mention i have to stand on a ladder the entire time so i can take the shots?!
  10. for someone like me who is not as social as everybody else, it takes effort to actually go out to events and meetings. bloggers have to do this all the time because it is essential in the industry. to know people, to learn about the brands, to make connections. and yes it is not easy to manage all of it in the limited time we have (most especially if you also have a full time job). sometimes, we are having a bad day but have to soldier on at a big event or meeting because the opportunity may never come again. did i mention that sometimes, those meetings and events all happen in one day? sometimes even at the same time?! gosh sometimes i wish i could clone myself. i think about 3 of me would do for now.
  11. posing for photos on the blog is not easy. you have to pretend you are not looking even if you know there is someone taking a photo. walking back and forth, feeling dizzy half way coz you have done it so many times. and holding positions so you get the right angle. it is a lot of work. but mind you, posing for photos at events is actually harder. you have to literally smile all the time. i mean in my case, i have to. i have that “resting bitch” face so it isnt as pleasing to look at most of the time so at events, i try to smile more. and smiling can be difficult especially if you have to do it for hours on end. i means seriously, my jaw hurts every time i go home after an event.
  12. i try and spent a good hour or two during the day to visit our blogs, to research and send back the love. i work on hundreds of emails and do replies to endless numbers of comments on the blog and all my social media. one coffee is never enough. so it is no wonder why my hand shakes.


photoraphy captured by princess lovella

we can never please everybody. and not everyone can understand what we do and our life in this industry. that is ok. just do your thing and enjoy every single minute of it. because it is our very passion that can in turn create inspiration not only for ourselves and our lives, but for others too. no matter how small or big our contribution may be, it is still worth something.

so what is the deal with bloggers?! you tell me.

ok back to the outfit. you all know how much i love to wear black. but in this heat and this season, i figured it may just be good to shake things up a bit. so i decided to wear more of blue. dark blue to be precise. i have always loved the shade of navy so i found myself scouting for outfits in this shade. and well, found this little beauty from ADRIANNA PAPELL which recenly opened up at dubai festival city. what do you guys think? yar or nay?!