comfort has always been the main key whenever i dress up. apart from simple classic lines and clean cut silhouettes, being comfortable with what i am wearing will always win it for me when it comes to choosing my clothes. yes, i try to keep up with the trends but i dont exactly follow each and every single one. i dress for me and no one else. meaning i pick which one i like, which one will last in my wardrobe for seasons to come and which one will be more comfortable to wear. oh and lets not forget the “age appropriate outfit” factor. i also like pieces that i can dress up or dress down whenever i feel like it. that way, my wardrobe expands more. 

style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress up, you are asserting a part of yourself..

so you can imagine how happy i was when i found this beautiful caftan at SHOPBOP during my monthly shopping edit. not only is it the most comfortable thing on earth (i have been wearing it endlessly ever since i got it last month) but it also has the seal of approval when it comes to dressing up appropriately in the middle east. i got a couple of two-thumbs up from local women who has seen me walking around wearing this beauty around town. so now i am kinda wishing i bought the other color versions (it comes in grey and blush, and a slightly longer black jersey version). so what do you think? should i?

the dress is from RILLET & FOUNT which you can now shop and get here. believe me, you wont regret having this in your closet. 

RILLER & FOUNT dress | MICHAEL KORS bag | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses | MADEWELL slides

photography by princess lovella