everyone seems to want to start a blog. i dont blame them though. i did too. going on my 9th year already and it has been such an amazing experience. dubai is rather new at it and although it has improved considerably, it is still a very delicate subject. most especially on the kind of blogger that you are. a lot of the times people want to blog because they think its glamorous, they think its amazing coz of all the perks (which by the way is one of the biggest reasons why so many have sprouted in the city overnight – goodies, goodies and more goodies are all they are really after) and well, they think its the easiest thing in the world. WRONG. it is one of the hardest thing in the world. and keeping up is the actually what breaks most bloggers. a blog requires a lot of love. a lot of time. a lot effort. and a lot of respect.

– make sure that if you decide to blog, you do it for the right reasons. you should be fully committed. you will be spending time and money and loads of effort so make sure you love it. and even if you are just starting, level up. blogging is huge and with the amount of blogs around, you need to make sure you have a great blog that is worth visiting and one that is inspiring.

– start with a great layout. if you browse blogs, then you would know that most of the successful blogs out there are clean, simple and organized. a white background is always a good idea with just one key color as an accent. loads of color and distracting extras on the layout can hurt the eyes. what i mean is, its great to be creative, but not tacky. keep it simple and make sure everything is easy to navigate. remember that you will never keep viewers nor will any of them enjoy browsing your blog if you have a complicated layout.

– content is king. so whatever it is that you decide to blog about, make sure you do so well. im not saying you need to be a great writer but it will help to have some good sense in what you are sharing. photographs are what makes your blog visually appealing to look at and it is a major part of your content so make sure you put in the effort to produce quality images. learn to take photos (apart from investing in a good camera) and how to edit them well. post large images because no one wants to use a microscope to see what you have posted. and if you are lucky, work with a friend who loves photography. it can be a great collaboration or partnership. oh and most importantly, post regularly. i know it is difficult, but if you dont update your blog for weeks or months, no one is going to put in the effort to give you some love and visit.

– never cut and paste content or press releases. blogs have been successful because of the original content and the personal side that each blogger puts in it. write your own articles and capture your own images. a blog is an extension of you. so own it.

– make sure you are active in social media. obviously. from facebook, to twitter and instagram. oh lets be clear that instagram is NOT a blog. and just because you have thousands of followers doesnt mean you are a blogger. that makes you an instagrammer – totally different honey.

– mingle. smile. and communicate. that is what blogging and social media is about. meeting interesting people, experiencing amazing things and opportunities that will come knocking at your door – that can be worth all the time and effort . learn from it, embrace it and love it.

– be an inspiration. blogging has become such a large part of our lives that to me, it is a huge responsibility to take on. be careful what you put out there because you have the power to influence so many. i personally believe that you should only speak of goodness, of dreams and of goals. share confidence, inspiration and creativity. dont get me wrong, i dont mind strong opinions and when it comes to reviews, i believe in honesty. just do so responsibly and never ever be arrogant or rude.

lastly, enjoy every minute of it. this blog has always been my visual diary and creative playground. my personal space. and i never forget that.

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