I have been carrying around a basket for ages and have always loved how sustainable they are, lasting for years and never really going out of style.

Summer may be coming to an end soon but I am definitely not putting down this basket bag. If you follow me on Instagram (@mahryska) then you would know how much I love them. My addiction and love for anything raffia and straw will forever be around because not only are these bags sustainable and super easy to maintain, but they are also classic pieces, meaning they never go out of style which is great coz that just means I can use them for years and years.

Look around you and I am pretty sure you can find them in every corner all over the world, each one designed and made in their own unique way. I personally love native ones, made from back home in the Philippines. I call them my “bayong” collection and I pretty much use them every single day.

I have linked up a few of my personal favorites available online but if you get a chance, try and scout around for one in a thrift or vintage stores, or if travel outside, make sure you look out for some coz I am sure they are far more reasonable in price and the best thing? You probably won’t find another person carrying it around your the city.

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