Sunscreen, in the world of beauty is the ultimate adulting.

It is mid-summer in the desert and every single time I see people walking around with an umbrella makes me cringe because to me, your umbrella is technically useless if you don’t use sunscreen. Apparently, there is still a huge chunk of people who still do not know the importance of sunscreen and how to protect yourself correctly. And no, your umbrella isn’t enough. Plus it seriously looks weird when it isn’t even raining.

The one thing constant in my daily routine is Sunscreen. I never leave the house without applying it on and the fact that I live in the desert means I have to take more seriously out here because it is summer almost all year round out here.

To me, I can walk around without makeup but never without sunscreen. It is the least I can do to give my skin a little protection.

Obviously, there is no such thing as 100 percent UV protection — not even from a sunscreen with an SPF of 110. But when applied correctly (that is, greasing up with a full ounce of product every two hours), a product labeled SPF 30 lets you stay in the sun without getting burned 30 times longer than if you were wearing no sunscreen at all. Using a water-resistant sports sunscreen can also help you beat the burn.

Finding the right one can also be difficult – I was always scared of applying anything on my face because I do break it easily. But after a few years of experimenting, I found some very reliable products in the market that do work wonders.

How about you? Do you take your sun protection seriously?


The market offers a great variety of Sunscreen and I personally use Clarins and Kiehl’s.

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