im back!! as you all may have noticed, i was out of circulation during the past week for the very simple reason that the blog went under a few minor updates. nothing big, just a few tweaks here and there, along with finalizing the new header and of course the newsletter, which i will be dispatching to subscribers starting this month.

anyways, i know you missed me a lot but fret not. coz yours truly is back, packed with loads of projects and collaborations. i am most definitely dead tired but excited as ever with a huge smile on my face. as always. summer just got a lot more interesting and well i am making a huge splash. not with water. but with stripes. it has been ages since i wore this skirt and im not sure what got into me that one fine afternoon but decided to just pile the stripes on. and i mean seriously piled on.

would you have the guts too?!

[ oh and on a side note, i am now on so if you follow me on instagram, make sure you register. by simply liking my post on instagram, you will see the details of my latest look and get the links straight to your email so you can shop similar items ]




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photography by princess lovella[/bs_col]
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NEW LOOK top | MAX&CO skirt | KSWISS sneakers | REBECCA MINKOFF bag | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses | ZARA hat











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