Eventually, everything connects…

Well, I am pretty sure that by now you already know that blogging and social media is all about being connected and having that virtual relationship. And when people ask about how they can get more blog visits or followers and get great engagements, these are the only things that I can come up with to help guide you. I am of course no expert but in my experience, the most crucial part of being a successful blogger is being able to maintain a relationship and staying connected with readers and followers. Mind you, it is not an easy task. It does take a lot of time and a ton of extra effort.


Produce and post quality content. People are now more knowledgeable and developed a certain taste in the content they want to see so so creating original content that is both creative and visually pleasing can surely draw in a lot of interest. Making sure your photographs are on point makes a huge difference and not only will it grab the attention of readers and gain you new followers, but it will also ensure they keep coming back for more.


We all know how difficult it is to be regular on postings but being consistent surely helps. Learn how you can manage your time so you can set a schedule that will work for you – when to shoot, when to post, etc. It is all about having a good balance. Look at it this way, if you have not posted anything in weeks or months, what makes you think you still have readers that will hang around? I know I lose interest. Sometimes, completely even unfollow and don’t visit sites anymore that has not been updated for a long time, simply because I need to move on to something else and I think that is just a normal circulation of things. There is nothing wrong with that but I also think that we should not expect people to hang around, waiting for us.  Regular readers and followers expect posts from you and if you lose touch, they will too.

Tip: I admit I sometimes get behind with my schedule and that is of course ok because we surely have to know our priorities. But because this has been a huge part of my life, I also ensure I make up for it and try my best to organize things and my time so I can produce, connect and still enjoy a good balance of my blog, work and personal life.


Don’t be a random ghost follower. Your HEARTS are not enough honey. Put the effort and comment on posts – share your opinion and your thoughts. Your voice counts, most especially to the blogger you are viewing. Engagement is what you are looking for so do engage. Make sense right?! Remember that engaging is a great way to connect, build and maintain a connection with readers and followers, both old and new.

Tip: Because instagram has changed their setup, I personally take the time to visit my favourite grammers on a daily basis to stay updated. So basically I do not just depend on the home feed to see what is new. 


When you reply back to your readers and followers, it shows that their comments matter to you and that you appreciate them for taking the time to visit and commenting on your latest blog and instagram post. This is a two-way street after all and it is always nice to show that you do care enough and value their time.

Tip: I usually put in a few minutes before I post a new post to reply to all the comments on my previously posted blog. It also helps if you have your notifications on for your blog and instagram so if you are not particularly busy, you can easily respond to comments immediately on your phone while you are on the go. And if ever I do fall behind, then I try my best to catch up whenever I am not too busy to ensure I visit my faves and respond as much as I can.


Visit your favourite blog sites, instagrammers and vlog channels on a regular basis but don’t just settle with what you have on your bookmark.  Explore and discover new people to follow and get inspired with new feeds that interest you. The best thing about this is meeting new people. Great new people that can you can probably get inspired by, learn from and build relationships with.

Tip: Visit the profiles of those who leave their comments on your blog and feed, you may just like what you find.

Hope my tips can be of great help and if you have any additional notes on how to get more engagement and build connections, then do comment down below. I would love to get your thoughts on this and hopefully learn a thing or two from you as well ❤️




Photography by Princess Lovella