i have always believed that you should kick start your week with a bright and beautiful smile. and although it is sometimes difficult to do that, i figured this may put a smile on your face. only because i am smiling ever so brightly in these photographs and this outfit seemed like it could brighten up your day. anyways, i dont exactly have those perfect big, bright whites to smile with and never used to share a lot of it. but then someone told me that i should smile more often. because i look so much better when i do. plus its free. and it makes other people feel good.

and so i did. slowly.

its still a struggle to be honest. and sometimes it still feels weird to smile (my jaw does hurt from time to time). but in recent years though, i realized that it does make a whole lot of difference. more importantly, i have seen how a simple smile shared with people affects them.

so do extend that smile. make yourself feel better. and make someone else feel good. about themselves. and about life. even if its just for a moment.

side note on the photoshoot: the delivery guy saw us shooting by the corner street. he smiled and then stopped saying he did not want to get in the way. i smiled back thinking to myself that i was technically the one in his way. i apologized and requested him to come pose with me for the photo and i remember seeing the excitement in his eyes. when he saw the photo, he smiled even more. he wished me a good day and wheeled off. to this day, i treasure that genuine smile of kindness we captured.

SONIA RYKIEL dress | LONGCHAMP bag | STEVE MADDEN shoes | FENDI sunglasses

photographs captured by tinayums

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