ive been asked this so many times. i cant even count. WHY DO YOU LOOK SO GOOD IN PHOTOS? note that this actually makes me think i am one ugly person. seriously?! who asks a person that question without getting insulted. good thing ive always been confident with myself. anyways, i guess being a photographer makes it a lot easier for me. for one, i know my best angles and other tricks of the trade that can help produce a better photograph. but i also have to admit that there are certain people that do reflect better on camera. there are those who are truly photogenic. and as a photographer, there are people that i come across with that i have this urge to photograph, but not so because they are model beautiful, but more of the fact that i am intrigued by their personality. their soul. their story. but since we are talking about photographs, and the non-ending question of how to take better photos of yourself because you so dread the photographer every single time the camera goes up and starts clicking…

1. LIGHT IS YOUR BEST BUDDY – photography is all about great lighting and knowing where the best light is coming from, can help you. good light edits out your flaws – those baggy eyes, the unsightly wrinkles and uneven skintone. use light to your advance and if worked well, it can definitely put a certain kind of glow not only to your face, but your skin too. so be mindful of light, the time of day and how you can play with shadows.

2. OH MAKEUP – i dont wear makeup coz im a lazy woman. but it does help. so when being photographed, even if its just for an ID photo, do powder your nose. and your forehead. please. and add a little color to those lips. for the love of all things goodness. believe me, color on your face makes a whole lot of difference.

3. FACE UP – after being photographed endlessly for the blog, for brand campaigns and interviews on magazines and newspapers, i have learned that my best angle is straight on and slightly angled to my left. and obviously smiling. knowing which angle is best for you, makes a whole lot of difference. like if you have a wider nose, try to angle your face a bit (or learn the old trick of contouring). same goes for those with a much rounder face. slightly tilting your face also works well. looking at the mirror and practicing can help as well. alone. coz believe me, you would not want your family snapping a video of yourself posing like an idiot in-front of the mirror and posting it on facebook.

4. FRONT, SIDE, BACK – its important to know where you are being photographed so you know how to position yourself. wider lenses (standards included) have a tendency to distort images and so if you stand at the edge of a group shot, you will appear wider. know how to angle your body, a good 45degree and position your legs and arms accordingly. and yes, black or darker shades of color does make you look slimmer than usual.

5. COMFORT ZONE – i say this all the time because to me, its one of the things that can make or break your photo. you need to be comfortable and you need to have fun with the photographs. because otherwise, it will show in your images that you are tense. you are bored. or downright mad. so if you are not comfortable, say no. if you are tired, say no. politely. but otherwise, smile ever so nicely. laugh it out and be creative with your poses and smile.

6. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT AND CONFIDENCE GOES A LONG WAY – for a blogger who wants to produce the best results, this is the best tip i can give you. apart from great photography, your natural aura, your confidence and willingness to capture the best images will always depend on you. so practice your angles, learn with each image you take, love the photographs captured and most importantly, enjoy every moment of it.

oh and i also believe that the photographer plays an important role. if he/she can make you understand your angles, if he/she can make you smile and make you feel comfortable, everything will fall into place naturally. know that photographs are reflections of you and it is always important to have a photographer that not only commits to taking your photograph but also appreciates you, your beauty (in and out) and lastly, your story.

and because i had to insert some fab photos along with this article, let me squeeze in some love for the latest O.P.I colors which i am sporting this season and had fun shooting. i am not very adventurous when it comes to my nail polish. i actually dont like those nail art stuff. i like to keep things simple and classic so these are just absolutely perfect. 

photographs captured by princess lovella

let me know what you think about my tips and if you have time, check out other useful articles on blogging and photography – here.

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