we love them. oh yes we do. i even have a wall up at mahryska HQ to display all of the boxes filled by them. shoes. oh glorious shoes. the question is though, how many shoes does one really need. i obviously live in the world of carrie bradshaw and always say i can never have enough. but as reality checks in from time to time and reminds us that one – we dont have the budget to buy all the shoe trends that come by season after season. and two – we dont have the closet space that replicates a warehouse to stock all those boxes.

give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world…

so to cut the long story short, i have narrowed down the key shoe essentials every woman needs for a full proof plan that you will always have the pair you need – any time of the day, for any occasion. styles that will always be on trend and keep up with your wardrobe requirements.

PEDRO SHOES has been one of my favorites when it comes to shoe shopping. if you know me well then you would know how much of a challenge it is for me to find perfect fitting shoes. and well, pedro shoes has never failed me. apart from the gorgeous collection of shoes, they never disappoint when it comes to comfort and fitting. so, as an introduction to my editorials – i give you the pedro shoe essentials for your closet.

which one is your favorite?![


the shoes featured are from the AW15 collection and are now available at all pedro shoes outlets.

photography by tinayums


every woman should have a pair of nude heels. not only does it help elongate your legs, but they also are perfect for day to night looks and will work with literally everything in your closet. believe me! now these pedro nude heels with an amazing heel finish is a classic with a definite twist and a great investment for a woman who is always on the go and need a versatile piece in her wardrobe.


i am a woman who adores wearing flats. not only are they comfortable but are so easy when it comes to working a wardrobe.  typically ballerinas are the choice when it comes to flats but these man-inspired shoes are a clear favorite of mine for the very simple reason – they give me the kind of edge i need to vamp up my wardrobe. oh and im sure you would have to agree with me that these white babies are one statement shoe you are never gonna want to live without.


with or without heels. ankle or knee-high. every single woman in the world needs one that can work her winter and summer outfits. now, who would not want to have these babies in their closet? the heel is a winner for me and the fact that it is comfortable makes it even more lust-worthy.


i am a sneaker nut. and could live in them for life. and well, i could not take my eyes off these when i saw them at the store. a statement on its own because of its unique print and style, these babies are comfortable and perfect in dressing down or dressing up any outfit.


it has always been a challenge for me to find the perfect pair of classic pumps. and although i would always suggest a simple and plain black one, it does not hurt to add a bit of flair with your choice like these gorgeous pedro pumps that gives the classic the much-needed facelift.


although people would always suggest the box-heeled or strappy versions, i prefer mine to be slightly different. and nothing stands out more than this beautifully crafted slip-on sandals that can actually work a casual or formal outfit.