it is always fun under the sun while playing with shadows…


Summer is here in the sandpit and one of the best things I can think of about it is that I get to play with shadows. Although I technically do a lot of that already coz its summer out here all year long. ha!

Reworking the entire website and finally sorted issues with the layout. It took me weeks to figure some stuff out coz I specifically wanted larger images on my homepage and for the life of me cannot figure out how everything looked a bit blurry when everything I technically upload is in full high resolution. Technical stuff is seriously a huge headache sometimes but to be honest, I do enjoy it coz it challenges me.

Anyways, happy to say that website is in full swing for 2017. I have archived old posts because from now on, the website will be more curated with posts concentrating on more editorial stories. Figured my standard outfit posts look better as regular content on instagram. So I am pretty excited about it and working on some amazing new content and projects. This is a step up for the blog and it will surely be a lot of work but I am super excited and so so inspired.

Hoping to catch you all back out here once things start moving ❤︎