You can’t run from the shadow. But you can invite it to dance…

I am not your typical instagram blogger for one very simple reason. I don’t have the ever popular barely there coloured theme feed. When it comes to the photographs I create, I tend to go for something more bold and dramatic. Photography is all about personal taste and as much as I appreciate the amazing themed feeds out there, I opted out of it for the simple reason that I do not like being limited in the images I share. I like being bold, dramatic images with lots of texture, contrast and colour and a good sense of depth and story. I love playing with light and to me, a good photograph is not necessarily the one that is captured at a precise exposure but rather its ability to control light and shadow, without sacrificing composition and the story it is suppose to tell.

To be honest, it is not always easy. It took me years to develop the kind of style I have with the photographs I create. It takes a lot of work to wait for the perfect time to shoot, to find the perfect location and make all that blend well together with my personal style and the mood I want to portray. I don’t just go and shoot on a whim. Everything is usually planned out. Of course sometimes I get lucky but mostly, it is a whole lot of research and endless hours of scouting.

Creating images like these have been extra rewarding because not only do I love them, but I also get inspired with them every single time. I think that is one of the reasons why I continue with it. They don’t bore me. They pick my interest and my creative mind goes on full throttle as I envision new images to create whenever I see final images like these.

Developing your own personal style in photography is so important in keeping your passion burning in creating new content. I may not have the best feed on instagram but its perfect for me. I shoot from the heart and it speaks volumes of who I am, what my personal style is and what I love to share. My images are my stories. I don’t care if I don’t follow a certain theme, or a certain colour hue for my filters, I simply make sure that each image ignites my love for photography. Oh and a little tip: To ensure that my photos compliment each other, I use mosaico to plan out my Instagram posts and it has been extra helpful in making my feed cohesive enough when browsing.

What about you guys? Do you have an Instagram theme that you follow? What’s your image style?


Dress from Storets | Bag from Purificacion Garcia | Shoes from Zara | Sunglasses from Chloe