oh i know you missed me so. i am so very sorry for being so bad at updates lately. work has just been so crazy and although i have everything mapped out and content is packed up, more and more of it seem to come every single day that keeping up with everything is a complete nightmare. plus the fact that i got sick with a flu and is still wonky and howling like a dog surely does not help with all my deadlines. anyways, i am here with a quicky coz i so missed you guys and i am hoping i can gather myself up again this week to catch up.

confidence. if you have it, you can make anything look good…

for now, let me leave you with my rooftop basics. this particular outfit or look is one that i carry almost every single day. ok well i would probably be in my sneakers most of the time but yes. i am your basic lover. to some, this look may just be too simple. too plain. but i have always believed that no matter how basic your clothes are, if you know how to work with it, you can make it look good. kick it with that confidence girl.

stay tuned for my next post where i will share my review of the recently held fashion forward…

dress from KOTON | boots from PEDRO SHOES | clutch from URBANIST STORE | sunglasses from MICHAEL KORS

photography by princess lovella