i have always believed in working hard to get where you want to be. we all want recognition. but would have to be honest that there are times when someone deserves it more than you do. things take time and that is the reality of life. why am i talking about this? well, apparently i am currently nominated for the STYLIST ARABIA SOCIAL MEDIA AWARDS under the lifestyle category and although everybody else would normally ask to “please vote for me” – i think it is more fitting to ask you to vote for the one who you feel deserves it more, given the criteria put down and after you have completely done your research on all the noted nominees. and believe me, there is a great lineup of women noted there who do deserve that vote. of course i wont be a hypocrite and definitely would appreciate your support but i think it will be a lot more sweeter in the end for me to know that i got the votes because i truly deserve it. winners are based on the highest number of votes and so awards like these are notorious for gathering votes from those who only vote because they are chummy with the nominee without even looking at the rest of the lineup and appreciating or considering anyone else. im not saying the final votes are not credible but i do know for a fact that it happens (hello, another reality knocking at your door). plus i can honestly say that other people in the category i am nominated for are far more deserving than i am. i even know more people who deserve to be in the nomination lineup, probably more than some of the others noted – i only say this simply because i know they deserve it more based on the scope of work they have done, the quality of work they have up on their sleeve and of course, the fact that they have been in the scene far longer than anybody else. i know i have worked hard to be where i am now in the field of blogging and i would definitely appreciate your support and the recognition, and although we may know each other, i would love it more if it was real votes and love, coming from people who believe in truly giving to me, without compromising the integrity of this awards by stylist arabia. and believe me, in the world of social media, integrity is the one thing we all sometimes lose.

integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching…

so, what are your thoughts on this issue? will you cast your vote because you are friendly with someone? or would you actually do the right thing and give your vote for the person who in reality, probably deserves it more?

to the peeps of stylist arabia, thank you for the acknowledgement and nomination. you can check and vote for the nominees here.


photography by tinayums

on a side note, the presidential voting is currently happening in my country right now. i dont like talking about politics because it can get way too dirty but the one thing i can say is that we all have a choice. we can argue on who is more fitting to run the country and who is not qualified or right, but in the end, we all want what is best for our country. just remember that it will always be our choice. so respect that choice and that of others too. oh for fellow pinoys out there, practice that right to choose. happy voting!!

have a great week guys!! hope you love the outfit.