i am pretty sure that if you were already alive and kicking back in the 90s, you would know exactly what the POP swatch is. if i remember correctly, i had two of them which i so begged my parents to get me. they go me one. and the other, i got by saving up my allowance. it was the must-have watch back then. and i absolutely adored the concept. their campaigns were super cool as well which made it even more interesting coz you would always stand by and check what the new designs were every season.

fast forward years later. and i get a call about the upcoming relaunch of the iconic POP swatch. how can you say NO to one of the brands you absolutely loved and actually wore for years? to be a part of a relaunch that was going to be so creative and super fun?! obviously i said YES! and so here are my favourites from the 9 piece collection of the latest POP swatch which are now available in stores for you to check out and shop. we were basically asked to personally  create visuals for each individual watch of our choice and i love the fact that we could go crazy with them. it was an amazing experience and the shoot was just super crazy and a ton of fun to do.


oh and because i love this watch so much, i wanted to make sure i share that love to you guys. so yes, i am giving away one POP swatch from the latest collection. simply comment below on why you would love to #POPitUP with SWATCH this season. make sure you leave your name and email address as well so i can get in touch with you. this giveaway is open to UAE residents only and deadline of entries is on or before 15th june 2016.

*competition closed and winner is ester guerrero. kindly standby and an email will be sent to you on how to claim your pop swatch


photography by princess lovella | videography by tinayums

oh im pretty sure a good fraction of you have already seen the main visuals on my instagram if you are following me – if not, please do right here and well this little lady is so darn proud coz the visuals have already gone viral, being reposted endlessly by the main swatch HQ from instagram to facebook and twitter. wooohooo!!

so what do you guys think? which visual is your favourite?!! do share!!

Dubai Fashion Style Blogger Mahryska Swatch POPitUp Campaign 3 Dubai Fashion Style Blogger Mahryska Swatch POPitUp Campaign 2 Dubai Fashion Style Blogger Mahryska Swatch POPitUp Campaign 4

yes, and because i am of course a style blogger, i could not help myself but share the looks during the shoot itself. me love the stripes and polka dot combination coz it reminded me so much of my time when i used to wear my old POP swatch.



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  • Noor

    I want to #PopitUp with swatch this season because it’s in! Designs are fashionable have vibrant colors that shows summer. It’s iconic who wouldn’t love this. I love your visual design where you’re wearing orange blouse! Following you everywhere.

  • Pam Scalfi

    these shots are ALL so cool! I love Swatch! 🙂 good luck to those who can enter!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • Fatema Nooruddin

    Hi I follow you on instagram (@makeupandliterature) and my favorite image is the one with the suspended swatch between your hands. So creative! I would love to own a funky Swatch and get bold and creative with my style. My gold, silver and rose gold watches are done and dusted. It is time to switch to swatch and #popitup especially as I am going to travel and want to make a statement. Here is hoping for a win.

  • AMAZING graphics hun! Will be subscribing to your youtube channel shortly 🙂 Have a fab week ahead!

    Love, Aldora

  • Great photography! I love that black and white/white on black combo. 🙂 Loving all this visual inspiration and impact!



    Style Tomes

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    Wow! Stunning shots!!

    Adi xx

  • Your shots are amazing and beautiful. I hope you have a great rest of your week.

    Elise Xx

  • These shots are all amazing !
    Much love !

  • those watches are so cool!

    xx Melis

  • Margot R

    Theses photos are pretty amazing ! Love it.

  • Very creative pictures! Gorgeous watches!

  • Gosh, you never cease to amaze me, M! Gorgeous photos and those watches are amazing!! Would love to join the giveaway contest, but unfortunately I’m not a UAE resident! 🙁 Anyway, I hope you’re having an amazing week! xo, Vivian

  • Love those shots! Amazing!

  • I’ve always been a fan of Swatch, especially in my teen years!


    Tamara –

  • Jodi-Kay Edwards

    Your photos are always so amazing! Yay what a great giveaway!

  • I grew up with Swatch and it really has a deep meaning to me as my first watch was swatch! Love love your photos as always

    Stephanie |

  • Sybil

    i remember swatch!!! so rad and unique now! 😀

    Have a great day!

    Animated Confessions

  • Ester Guerrero

    I want to #PopitUp with Swatch and love all the 9 designs! Hoping I get to win one and enjoy a great statement piece from you!

  • Ester Guerrero

    I want to #PopitUp with Swatch and love all the 9 designs! Hoping I get to win one and enjoy a great statement piece from you! Congrats again!!
    Ester Guerrero

  • I love this post Mahryska! You did an amazing job with this campaign. My favorite photos are those with the red suit and rainbow colors. Congratulations on an awesome campaign! Great work!