the week certainly started out even with the lack of sleep. hopefully by the next two days, i can recover and be my joyous self again. i am definitely not lacking the sunshine. just a little bit down on energy so i thought what better way to pick things up than wearing something bright and colorful. i must admit, i dont exactly wear a lot of polka dots. i honestly used to be afraid of wearing them. basically coz i initially thought it was too childish. and a tad bit loud. but as time went, i kinda became more comfortable with my style and when i saw this skirt, i knew it was definitely a try. and well, it turned out to be great coz everyone seem to love it. what about you? what kind of prints are you afraid of trying?

BENETTON knit | MAX&CO skirt | MARLA LONDON bag | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses | NATURALIZER shoes

photographs captured by tinayums

_MG_5194 _MG_5199 _MG_5211 _MG_5169



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