i have been emailed several times about sharing some tips and techniques on how to take great photographs for their blogs…i guess because im a photographer, it only seem fitting to post something about it. im sure this has been discussed before but there is nothing wrong in adding my take on it. so many blogs (especially out here coz most are just starting out) need a thing or two in learning how to capture photos, how to post them up on the blog properly and well, basically how to style up their blogs along with their photos so it doesnt look boring, ugly or disorganized – to me, a blog with a great layout and great photos will always stand out. i mean just look at some of the best, most well known blogs out there…they take time to capture great images, they have a great blog layout, and they have built an identity of their own. so lets take inspiration from them and improve our blogs shall we?! now first, lets talk about photography for your blog. this is the most crucial part of your blog. apart from content and layout, your photos will mostly tell the story so its important that your photographs look good.

1. get a good DSLR – a start up model would do and both canon and nikon have great entry-level cameras that are affordable and are well equipped with the needs of a blogger. i can also suggest the fujifilm lineup of cameras which are oh so amazing as well. oh and dont ever be intimated when you see more advanced camera or lens with other bloggers. believe me – its technically not the gear, they are just tools and at the end of the day, it is still the person clicking that shutter that creates the photograph.

2. get yourself a good old 50mm. the F1.8 version is cheap and is definitely the best beginner’s lens in the market. it is a fixed lens and so it does not zoom. it may take some time for you to get used to moving back and forth to shoot but believe me, it will give you amazing results, most especially with those detailed shots.

3. learn the functions of your camera. i cant really teach you any technical stuff here coz that will just take ages but once you read the manual of your camera, im pretty sure you will be able to shoot well enough. apart from learning the in and outs of your camera, better get a little insight on the settings and exposure which will affect a huge deal of your photographs. this is of course a little more complicated and technical (which i can get into discussion later on) but for now, you can simply get the basics from your manual so make sure you try and test everything to know which one you can work with best for the requirements that you have. of course, with a ton of practice, improvement will for sure be seen in your photographs. and well if you do have the time to spare, try and take up classes. this would be the best option to learn better and explore.

4. time is also important. take photographs either early in the morning when sun has just risen for soft lighting and mid-afternoon just before sunset to capture that golden hour – your skintone will definitely be great looking then.

5. when capturing outfit post by yourself, get a good sturdy tripod and set your camera on timer or get a remote. make sure there is enough space and set it a little lower or mid-way your height. this will give you an illusion of height. same goes for outfit post or portrait shots captured by other people. ask the person taking your photos to bend their knees and go down a bit. if the person captures you at the same level or higher, there is a tendency for you to look short or distorted – basically giving you a bigger head and smaller body.

6. capture images horizontally and vertically. play around. it may be difficult at first especially if you are using a fixed lens but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy. take angle shots and dont be afraid to bend your knees from time to time – even if you look a bit funny.

7. dont forget to include the great location you are in if ever. a good landscape shot and simple detail shots of the place or event you are attending will make great stories for your blog. take snaps at different angles and learn to incorporate texture, color and lines to add a little flair in your photographs. when capturing details, move in closer. you can use the macro settings on your camera which will make your life easier. also note that you can fill the frame. it makes a lot of difference. this would be great for product shots or food shots.

and finally, have fun learning and shooting. photography is a skill and i know it may not be the easiest at first but it is definitely the best way to explore your creativity. enjoy it and learn from it.

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