When it rains look for rainbows. And when it’s dark look for stars…

The weather is weird out here in dubai right now. Going from super cold and windy with drizzles of rain on some days and then hot and sunny on another. So dressing up has been a challenge and it does get pretty frustrating. But anyhow, no matter how weird the weather gets, I always prefer the more gloomy and rainy day simply coz once it wraps up, we will enter the wrath of summer and well, we all know how hot and humid summer gets out here in the desert. It is not pretty at all.

March has started with a big bang with loads of work on my plate and a ton of things I want to do – which by the way, I still need to figure out how to incorporate in my already so busy schedule. Time management skills is a major need at the moment. But I am super excited so lets get this month going and have the best time ever!

This latest look is a favourite of mine simply coz it works well with the weather out here right now. Plus how can you not love my latest find from Weekend MaxMara?! The Pasticcino bag is just the cutest little thing. Ok, it is not little but goodness, it is just so pretty right?! It is like a huge coin purse in my arm and it does turn some heads around.


Photography by Princess Lovella