Technology is a huge part of my life in social media. I honestly cannot go about my day without my phone and just recently, I got introduced to OPPO. Believe me, having a blog and an active social media presence as part of my what I do means I require a reliable mobile phone that is powerful enough to carry out the tasks I need and has the best features that can help me produce quality content.

The phone is an absolute treat with its sleek and modern design with 5.5 inches full HD display and powerful 4GB RAM and large 64GB RAM which works well for someone like me who loves everything clean and simple but definitely powerful in performance. The best feature for me is its two independent front cameras – one 16MP regular lens for individual selfies and one 8MP wide angle lens for group selfies. How cool is that?! It also comes in with its own applications like the beauty and bokeh features which means you don’t really need to download third-party apps for editing.


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The above photograph was captured using the #oppoF3 and to be honest, I do limit myself in capturing images with my phone because I usually don’t feel comfortable with the quality. So technically it is one of the reasons why I have limited random posts on my feed. But I was surprised at the photo I got when I did try it out with this phone. As clearly seen on the image, it is sharp, the colour tone is great and definitely does not disappoint with its quality and standard. Plus, how amazing is it that it captures a wide scene?! You all know how much I love a good background so this is just amazing for me!


I am not much on selfies to be honest. I guess because being a photographer, I prefer being behind a camera or having the ability to control the actual outcome of images. Plus, I was never really sold on the fact that it was face front and center. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a good self-portrait, but just not so in-your-face. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that OPPO had a wide angle option, making it possible to capture not just you, but the surrounding as well. To me, that is just absolutely perfect coz I prefer being able to capture an entire scene altogether.

See, I told you. It is ultra-wide. Not only do get a ton of people captured within the frame but you also get to capture the scenic view. Forgive the view though as I am a sucker for capturing behind the scenes whenever we shoot and I always hated the fact that I was always missing out on all the funny and quirky photos. Now, I get to be a part of everything!!

So, to sum up, I am currently enjoying my latest tech find – the OPPP F3 which has been keeping me company for the past month and I honestly can’t wait to explore even more. Standby coz my next outfit adventure will be shot using the this little beauty and I will be sharing more behind the scenes and selfies with you. Also, I will give you a more detailed run-down review of the phone with full specs and sample images.