im pretty sure almost everyone has fallen inlove with INSTAGRAM. it has become such an important part of social media and being a blogger means you not only need to post regularly but rather most importantly, you need to post amazingly beautiful images. now, the question is…how in gracious do you get those fabulous images?! here are just a few tips.

make sure the images you post are of high quality. the better quality and clarity they are, the more appreciated they are by viewers. so always make it a point to post photos that are clear and focused.

have a great layout and do it consistently. some like their frames filled up and some like to have borders. it doesnt really matter as long as everything is neat. but do make sure that you edit and put your effects or filters first before putting a border if you decide to do so. it just gives it a nice even look.

remember that natural lighting is always best. i mostly capture images next to a large window during the day. if you dont have a window, then make sure you have enough lighting in the room or wherever it that you are to ensure you can capture a nice photograph.

capture images that have loads of contrast. those with intricate and interesting details. capture shots from a different point of view – the birds eye view is the most famous of them all. play with light and shadows. and dont forget textures too. remember that keeping a creative eye on your surroundings helps a whole lot. oh and do note that most photographs on instagram are staged. so set up everything nicely and creatively by incorporating interesting details.

be creative with your product shots too. have a nice table or background. same goes for your OOTD. and random snaps of your adventure. make sure your horizon is straight too.

post frequently. and engage with your followers.

make sure you use a catchy caption or quote. and be mindful of your tags and hashtags and also dont forget to mention brands.

last but not the least, take inspiration from great instagrammers and learn from them.

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  • Georgia Malone

    Thanks for the tips Mahryska ♥