i must admit i am one very busy woman. with work piled up every single day, and getting caught up with so many demands that come with it, i sometimes forget how important it is to take some time off. to relax. to rejuvenate. to reflect. to appreciate how blessed i am. and how beautiful my life is and the how much i love the people around me. and i definitely struggle daily to keep that balance.

a heart at peace gives life to the body…create your ritual. create inner peace.

one thing i have started to do in recent years is creating a daily ritual for myself. my own little time for me. a few moments alone to gather myself up, to energize and reflect. not only does it help me gain back my focus, but it also helps me take that much needed time to relax for just a few minutes during a busy day.


photography by princess lovella

i have taken my 20 minute shower in the morning as part of my daily ritual. i indulge myself in the most relaxing and soothing of all products to kick start my day. our sense of smell and touch is very powerful and so i take full advantage of that whenever i take my shower.

when i work, i make sure i light up the most calming of candles to help me relax and focus. plus, i have noticed that whenever i light one up when i get home after a busy day, there is a sense of peace in my surrounding.

i am a coffee person. but from time to time, i do treat myself with a cup of tea, as i catch up with my latest book or as i put together the mood board for my next project.

once a week, i take those long bubble baths and listen to some beautiful classical music or a little of jazz. at night, i usually take a nice hot shower, and slather up with the most delectable of creams before bed. i certainly smell and sleep like a baby.

my rituals are simple. there is nothing fancy about them because they are your usual routine. all of which i have just turned into something a little more special to enjoy. and because nothing beats the power of giving a part of yourself to someone special, i will be giving back a little bit of that love and care that i get from my daily routine to those very special people in my life, hoping that they too, experience the kind of calm and peace that i get from “my rituals”. and so from me to you…for the next ten days, i will be highlighting and surprising a few people in my life over on instagram with a little token from my heart.

special thanks to the team of RITUALS for helping me #givefromtheheart

i hope this inspires you to take that time and indulge yourself in creating your own ritual and sharing that experience with those you love…

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