kick started my fitness routine once again after a long summer break and BODY TALK came just in time. as i mentioned before, i am one of those lazy bodies and with a hectic schedule on my back, i find it difficult to actually exercise. but ever since i quit smoking, i found myself pushing just a little bit more – i try my best to make time and run at least once or twice a week and squeeze in a bit of weights in between. i must admit i never really had any proper workout outfit before and since i started working out earlier last year, i have been investing in some fabulous sportswear. the fact that it actually became a favorite staple in street style made it even better coz i can actually work around it. cool huh?!

BODYTALK is a sportswear brand which was initially introduced in 1996 which speaks quality, comfort and style that would highlights the sex appeal of anyone’s body. it is exclusively available at GOSPORT in dubai mall and i had a fabulous time checking out the latest collection which speaks of quality, comfort and style as it highlights the sex appeal of your body. it carries a fabulous range of tshirts, hoodies, sweaters, tights and shorts that are perfect for any fitness routine plus a great range of swimwear, sandals, bags and other accessories too.

dont forget to visit the store this season and check out the latest collection. BODYTALK is also available in the following locations –
abu dhabi (abu dhabi mall, bawabat al sharq mall), qatar (villaggio mall, city center doha) and oman (muscat grand mall).

we did the entire shoot at platform3 which is located in dubai marina and absolutely love the place. with a great approach towards better health and fitness, narrowing it down to three vital components: personal training, physiotherapy and nutrition, platform3 seems to be a great fit. and would surely love to train and improve my body there!

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