it is one sunny day out here in the sandpit and i am basically keeping myself indoors for today so i can sit and finalize details of my upcoming blog shoot this weekend – which by the way, i am so so delayed with. in any case, i am super excited to share them with you next week coz there are loads of amazing content coming up.

anyways, i was online the other day and saw an article on the it-bags for fall. now, im no hypocrite. i so would love to own those gorgeous, overly expensive bags. all of them in fact. changing and updating every darn season. but obviously im just a normal gal. who does not have millions to spare every season. so it actually takes time for me to invest and buy one for myself.

a few years ago, i got my very first it-bag. the mini pashli from 3.1 phillip lim. i have always loved this brand coz it does speak volumes of my personal style. the fact that it was one of the most coveted bags in fashion was definitely a huge factor in my decision. i went around and checked the bag out personally to make sure i really wanted it – if the look was right, if the size was right, if it felt good to hold and most importantly, if it would suit my lifestyle and requirements for a good bag. it took me a good 6 months to decide and once i did, i saved up. then treated myself with this brand new baby. and it definitely made me one happy bag lady.

i am now on the look out for my next it-bag that i can save up for and get for myself. do you have any suggestions?! what was your first it-bag purchase?!

BANANA REPUBLIC light knit | SPLASH wrap skirt | MAX&CO shoes | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM mini pashli satchel | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photography by princess lovella