the weekend is almost here and all i can think about is how to finish up all the pending stuff on my plate. i have a ton of project shoots to do and it is so hard to set things coz it is so so hot out here in the sandpit right now and the fact that it is ramadan makes it even harder. i mean how do you go about for a day, in this heat, and not have water? believe me, it aint easy. and the lack of sleep doesnt help either. lately, i have been sleeping late and i so hate it. i have always been a morning person and so those past midnight love affairs with my bed is not exactly doing it for me coz i like to get my full 8-hours of sleep and wake up by 6am – on the dot. good thing i am not as moody as i was before, otherwise it would be hell in my house. hopefully i get back on track once ramadan wraps up in the next week so i can finish up my midnight run.

i got hold of the upcoming FW15 collection of ZADIG & VOLTAIRE and absolutely fell inlove with this dress and bag combo. i love this brand and it is definitely on the top of my shopping list when i need a dose of something that would rock my wardrobe but still keeping it oh so chic. what do you think?

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE FW15 dress (pre-order it here) | ZADIG & VOLTAIRE FW15 bucket bag | ALDO shoes | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photography captured by tinayums