right now, blogs are considered one of the most powerful and influential creative outlets on the internet and different types of blogs flourish with increasing numbers of readers and followers every single day. and so i wondered. as an avid blogger and follower myself (yes, i do not just post a blog – i actually browse around and read them), what matters most to us when it comes to reading a blog, and what makes us want to continue following it regularly?!

and so lets discuss matters of the blog. hopefully, this helps bloggers get an insight on what viewers really look for. coming from me…an avid viewer and follower. oh and yes my opinion does matter. for one simple reason – i am one of those that grace your readership.

  • content – to me, this is by far the most important thing. because everyone else is posting the same thing again and again, i always make it a point to try and post something different. like take for example all the events that take place out here in dubai. all the bloggers go and attend. all the bloggers post the same thing. even if you say that your photos are different, or your coverage is different, it is still the same content, spread out in almost all the media outlets, blogs and newspaper. so what makes yours different?! something to think about right?
  • photographs – i guess we all know this by now. photography is crucial in any blog. and i dont know how much more i need to emphasize on this. large images, on point sharp and clear and creatively captured in the right proportions would be nice. i actually admire bloggers who take time to capture their images. some even go out of their way to collaborate with photographer friends. or learn photography themselves. as they say, blogging is all about visual love. so whenever i see great images, i always tend to go back. plus its always nice to see something pretty on my screen.
  • creativity – ok so a lot of discussion has been done about this. simply because some may say they are not creative. but blogging is all about you and how you present yourself, your ideas, your style. just add in a little more flair. blogging takes a lot of time and effort. and a whole lot of passion. and that passion transforms into creativity. each post, each outfit, each article – if it is written and put together with an inspired heart, it surely stands out. plus there are tons of creative inspirations around us. im sure you can put your thinking cap on every once in a while right?
  • brands – so i am not exactly rich. and i dont exactly have millions to buy all those huge brands. i treat myself from time to time and like to mix it up a bit because i dont exactly want to look like a chanel threw up on me. i do admit though that a lot of people tend to get caught up with all the brands. if you have the prada, thousands of people follow you. yes, that is reality. and you can see it openly on instagram. someone even asked me why is it that if we post a “celine” bag, it gets thousands of likes but if you post a “charles and keith” bag, not so much. you see my darlings, even if we cannot afford them, we dream about them, thus follow and like endlessly. one thing i can personally say is i do not base my following on the name. of course, i am no hypocrite. i love the huge brands. and do feature and work with a few from time to time, owning and saving up for a few dreams on my list too. but i am also in line with my own life. and what i can afford and what i like to wear. no matter the name. so my posts have diversity. thus i like to see that same diversity on the blogs i follow and read.
  • personal style – honestly, this is one of the main things i look for when i follow and read a blog. i like being inspired by the many great styles i see. i love seeing people mix it up. to see how different we can style a suit. how we can wear jeans during the day or night. this is what style blogging is all about…being able to share our style, what inspires us, and how we put those together. without a great style post, what is the use of reading that blog? take for example a beauty/makeup blogger. honestly, for me – if i dont see you put on all that makeup you talk about on your face, and how you actually apply it or how it looks like on a person, how can i even appreciate it? product shots and swatches dont cut it. posting a product shot, with a review only means you snapped a photo, read the press releases and rewrote it. get my drift?
  • quality writing – ok so if you have noticed, my writing is a bit off. i dont properly use caps. my grammar is off. and well, i write as i am talking. but its a blog. a personal style blog. and so i write according to how i like it. but whatever i do write, i make sure i would like to read myself. and well, somewhat makes sense. i do not copy/paste press releases (shame on you bloggers who do that) and i do not post a small note of hello to just have something written down – i actually take my time to write something that means to me. and that is what i look for in blogging. that personal touch. your views. your opinion. you. yourself. so let us connect with you.
  • consistency – i try to read blogs i love almost every other day. daily if i am lucky. and so i like consistency. if you say you are a blogger, do update your blog regularly. i mean, it would be nice if you do. yes, i am trying to point out directly that if you have not posted a single article in the past moth or last six months for that matter, then sweetie, maybe lets stop blogging all together. yes, i know its hard. given having a life and all. but putting in that little time matters. im not sure about how it is outside, but out here unfortunately – bloggers come and go. they start, and they vanish into thin air. some just post one blog. try to get in all the events and VIP invites and freebies, and never post anything anymore. some just actually try to repost the items they got and then say that is an actual blog post for that month. sorry. but not so sorry. i mean how do you expect me to read and go back to your blog if there is nothing there for me to see or read? and then lets go back to point one on the quality of content.

so. have you asked yourself this question lately…is your blog worthy of being read and followed? would you enjoy reading your blog if you were actually on the other side?! 

quality goes a long way. in whatever we do in life. and i respect the individuals who actually go out of their way to put out quality blogs out there to read and follow. something with worth. something that is inspiring.

and so the only thing that can get your blog noticed, read and followed?! have quality posts. be consistent. do inspiring, creative, witty posts that are beyond beautiful, speaking volumes of you in every possible way. i know it may sometimes be hard, but know that blogging is much like a relationship with your readers. it goes both ways. i need to keep the love alive. and i do that by putting myself out there and giving it my all. do you agree? what are your thoughts?!