back to the drawing board today and even if the eid holidays are coming up, i am going to be busy as hell with work, finalizing submissions and organizing remaining projects. i have been itching to get myself organized more this season, making sure i have updates on the blog every other day and giving out some love to my readers at least twice a week. dont worry, im working on it and hopefully come october, everything can be set. anyways, as a blogger i get sent out some of the latest products as gifts. some are for review and trial. i always show them on my snapchat and i sometimes take a photo and share my favorites on instagram. however, from time to time, i have a few features on the blog and since i only share exclusives here, it would only mean i really like them. so have a look at some of my favorite goodies this month – they definitely deserve my stamp of approval.

beauty isnt about having a pretty face. its about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart. and a pretty soul…

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photography by tinayums & princess lovella


NARS is one of my favorite makeup brands and when i attended their recent preview i made sure i attended. im sure you know by now that i hardly wear makeup. i am very basic in my routine and like to keep things classic and simple, but i surely love it and the power it has in transforming your face. anyways, back to this audacious collection and my gosh, i cannot even start on how excited i was when i opened the press pack with all the goodies to try out. not only are they exactly the kind of makeup i like, but the color palette was absolute perfection for me. obviously, i went for the lipstick first and it was the most gorgeous shade of red. the lipgloss was a nice addition to add a bit of shimmer. the velvet shadow sticks were next on my agenda and they were definitely something i was gonna love coz we all know how lazy i am and the fact that i can just glide on the shade on my lids makes things so much more easier for me. they have out several shades that i am gonna enjoy playing with for the rest of the season. there was two dual intensity eyeshadows and one gorgeous highlighter included that definitely rocked and the eyeliner is a must-have in my books coz well, we all know how much we love those liners. the best of the lot was surely the mascara. amazing. amazing.

“because anything less than audacious is boring…”

i am wearing NARS audacious lipstick, velvet shadows sticks, mascara and kohliner.

MAKEUP FOREVER recently released their 4K ultra HD foundation and even if i missed out on being at the launch event, the amazing peeps at MUF sent over my press kit which included my very own 4K foundation (with my name on it – love the personal touch), a 108 brush to apply, their step 1 primer (the skin equalizer which i so adore) and the HD pressed powder. how happy am i? very. very. very happy. so obviously i tried it on. this is the very first invisible cover foundation – created to adapt to the 4K technology which creates a naturally flawless complexion makeup with a natural finish and glow. after the primer, i applied a pump of the foundation and loved how comfortable it is on my skin. next thing i noticed is how perfect the shade was. they initially asked us to send over our chosen shade but you obviously have to be a bit skeptic coz you never know how accurate they can be on your color. but i was surprised to see that they did a wonderful job in sending me my exact foundation shade. i finished off with the pressed powder and my gosh, as i looked over my mirror, i was surprised to see how amazing it looked. this is a definite must-have in your makeup kit this fall.

i am wearing 4K foundation in 125 sand | Y315

LAURA MERCIER recently sent over their flawless contouring palette to try out, along with two gorgeous lip parfair creamy lipbalm and eye chromes palette. i must admit that i do not squat about contouring. i know the idea behind it, saw so many tutorials about it and even watched hundreds of makeup artists to do. but i do not know how to apply it on myself. so when i got this, i was so happy coz obviously now i have no excuse not to practice. i am looking forward to learning a bit about it more coz i know how different my face looks with the right contour and highlight. it may not be as drastic as those other beauty bloggers and instagrammers but it surely is a big step for me.

i am wearing laura mercier flawless contour palette and creamsicle lipbalm

IRRESISTIBLE ME sent over gorgeous locks for me to try out. i have the most boring set of hair on my head. seriously. so many people come up to me on a daily basis telling me how wonderfully gorgeous my hair is but i honestly do not like it. it is stick straight. and is super fine and thin. i do not own a brush or comb simply coz with just one sweep of my fingers, it falls into place. there is no volume whatsoever and even if i try to add volume or curls, it lasts for a minute and falls back into its limpy self again. so when i got this package, i was excited to try it out coz i have always wanted to try out extensions. i did make a mistake on getting a very long set – i got the royal remy for 22″ in jet black (my hair is technically brown but i dye it jet black) but you can always cut and style it so it really isnt a big deal. the pack i got contains 10 pieces with different lengths that you can attach according to your needs and definitely easy to clip on by yourself. because my head is so small and my hair is so thin, i only use 1 with the 3 clips (6″) at the back of my head and 2 with the 2 clips (4″) on each side. i cant wait to get my hair cut and layered a bit and have the extensions styled as well so it can all blend in together perfectly. this fall is going to be all about that bounce and volume.

make sure you check them out – here if you are looking for additional volume and length this season.