creativity is contagious. pass it on..

Watch the entire video to see all of our looks. the creativity is amazing. this was shared in our stories every single day during the quarantine challenge.

We were in lockdown for a few months and as frustrating as that may have been, bored out of our wits at home, a couple of friends of mine had a very creative and optimistic idea – we decided to do a little style challenge. A theme for a day, every single day, and only making use of what we had at home. It was a challenge. Because when you play with fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists and photographers, you know it will not be easy at all.

We started with just a few friends but it obviously inspired others to join us. We completed 30 days (the challenge went on for longer but only sharing 30). At first it was easy, taking basic selfies but as the days progressed, we moved into full production, with each look getting harder and harder. I honestly almost gave up.

But it was fun. It took our minds off the pandemic. It made us laugh. It got our creativity running wild. And I must say, we are rather proud of ourselves for being able to complete the challenge. Together.

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