Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is in fact beautiful…

I am pretty sure you have noticed that I hardly post any beauty on my blog. Well, that is because I am no beauty expert and most of the time, I cant even tell which is for what sometimes. I also have no patience and can’t for the life of me spend hours infront of a mirror just so I can have my eyebrows on fleek and my contour to be oh so perfect. This is one of the main reasons why I rarely post anything about beauty and makeup.

But even if I hardly wear any does not mean I do not gawk at the sight of makeup coz I certainly do, and love how it can enhance our features and make us feel more confident. In all honesty, I do not have the most amazing flawless skin. I have large pores with overly sensitive combination skin that is difficult to manage coz I break out in the slightest change of my hormones, my diet and the products I use. There are days when I have perfect skin and makeup is a breeze. But there are days when I don’t even want to look at myself coz my skin is crazy bad. 

I am normal after all. And after much debate with myself last year, I thought it would be great to shake things up this year and post a little more about beauty. My experiences, my challenges and share what little knowledge I have. It may not be oh so great and I honestly cannot compare to those beauty gurus online, but hey, there will always be someone who can appreciate and relate to us right?!


Primer: Laura Mercier (one of the best I have tried so far and absolutely love it)
Foundation: Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able in beige medium (I have a peach undertone not yellow so make sure you double check whenever you are purchasing foundation)
Setting powder: Coty Airspun (finally found one in Dubai after sleepless nights of searching online)
Eyeshadow: Nars velvet shadow stick in brown (that I basically smudge on with my fingers)
Eyeliner: Nars velvet eyeliner in black
Mascara: Inglot lash enhancer (recommending this coz it is truly fabulous coz not only does it add volume but it also makes my lashes longer than they really are)
Blush/Contour: Marc Jacobs contour palette (recently just got this and fell inlove with how simple and easy this is to use)
Lipstick: Huda Beauty liquid matte in trendsetter (a must-have if you ask me)
Setting Spray: Urban Decay de-slick