i dont know about you but i surely learned my lesson. i kinda knew it. but my mind was a bit somewhere else and so i didnt make the change. what change am i talking about?! the NOT-TO-WEAR-A-BUMPY-STRIPED-SHIRT-UNTUCKED-THING with your skirt. why?!! why?! coz you look like you have a huge bumpy tummy with all those stripeds curling up your tummy. that is why! gosh. i made this mistake endless of times. and i remember thinking about it when dressing up. never actually got to it though. and by the time i realized it. it was way too late. coz the photos were taken. and loaded. and i was way too tired to re-shoot. and so here it is my beloved friends. with my somewhat favorite striped shirt. which is not my current favorite at the moment coz i look like i ate an entire cow. lesson learned. and yes, laughing at myself is essential. you are also most welcome to do so.

anyways, do you get moments like this?! please do share. coz i would hate to be the only one…

BANANA REPUBLIC shirt | ICONIC skirt | DUNE shoes | MARLA LONDON bag | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photographs captured by princess lovella

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