Why hello there! I am back and there is also a ton of excitement surrounding mahryskaHQ because I just put up the Christmas tree. Can’t wait to fill it up with a ton of gifts in the coming weeks and decorate the place more! Also putting together my wish list which technically I give to myself because I am the one buying the gifts for me! ha! Please tell me I am not the only one who does this…

Anyways, le blog is now back online. I have huge plans for it this 2017 and turning it into a personal-go-to website will take up a ton of work but I am definitely excited. So slowly but surely, starting off with small tweaks on the layout, I will get there. For those who do not know, I am the one who works on the layout. I do not have a web developer nor hire anyone of that sort. I am no expert though, but because I have been blogging since 2005, I basically learned my way through it. There is an official projects page put up which features all the collaborations I have worked on and a dedicated shopping guide page where I share my monthly picks. Officially started out my inspiration section where I will be sharing tips and tricks on blogging, photography and everything else in between. Our voice, no matter how big or small surely counts and I believe that sharing it is what blogging is all about. There is also a video and photo section on the homepage. Absolutely loving how the layout looks and as they always say, having a great platform can surely inspire you to create more content. So let’s do this shall we?!

Do visit the latest posts on my INSPIRATION section and let me know what you think. If you have ideas on what I should share next, make sure you comment and I will surely get on it as soon as I can.



So do you follow along the lines or do you set the direction yourself? I have always believed in being able to walk on your own and set your own path. Being inspired by other people and taking notes from their own experience surely helps but its important to never lose touch with your own individuality. No matter how scary it may be or how difficult it is to push for things on your own, in the end it is always so much more worth it.

Shot on location at Box Park | Photography by Princess Lovella