i am a woman who loves the power of makeup and well, i do like to doll up from time to time, making sure i have my personal favorites on my dresser so i can play with them when i am in the mood. but makeup is not something i do on a regular basis for one very simple reason. i am lazy as hell. and my beauty routine is as simple as it gets – which technically means i do not wear makeup. but when i do, i make sure i do it right. well, as right as i can anyways coz being a lazy ass means i like makeup quickies. what does makeup quickies mean? in my world – that is no more than 10 minutes. i know that may sound weird especially out here where women spend hours perfecting their contour. but this is just me. i like keeping myself fresh and simple (i have sensitive skin and have the worst breakouts so pounding on makeup is never a good idea plus living in the sandpit means sweating almost all the time and i dont exactly want to look like melting ice cream).

so my solution is keeping my makeup routine to basics. i must admit that i dont post much beauty on the blog – i am no beauty or makeup blogger. i hardly wear it. and half the time, i dont know what im doing. but when i do feature something, it only means i actually like it. tried. and tested it. when i got the full ss15 collection from LAURA MERCIER, i knew i had something special. for me. i believe makeup and skincare is very personal and not everyone will have the same reaction or appreciation. so this range is solely about my love for it.

as i said, i have sensitive skin and it usually reacts instantly when i apply something. but since i already use their primer, i thought i might as well give the ss15 range a try. and so i did. and was not disappointed. the foundation was actually the perfect shade of my skin which was a good thing coz i always complain when i get samples that are way too dark or way too light (hint to brands/pr – ask the blogger what their shade is before dispatching something so it does not go to waste). i didnt really need much for coverage and it felt light on the skin which was perfect. plus the fact that it photographs well meant i give it a thumbs up. the palette had a refreshing watercolor tones, which i also liked for one simple reason – i dont like a lot of intense color on my face coz i honestly feel like a clown. so the soft shades was great for a more subtle look that is perfect for summer. the one thing i do use almost every single time i open this palette are the blush in sunset (for a hint of color on my cheeks) and earth (to add a bit of blended contour). the highlighter made it to my must-have list. it gave me a beautiful glow that i wanted and it definitely complimented my skin tone perfectly. the one thing i cannot live without is mascara coz it helps me brighten up my eyes and this was a great addition to my growing number of favorites, giving me enough volume for the day. the liquid lip color gave me a good dose of pink to finish off. it is creamy in texture but matte in finish which is how i like it (im not much into glossy stuff either).

my ultimate favorite would have to be the cream brulee souffle body cream. it is the yummiest thing ever. and i actually have it on my night stand coz i like to apply it all over me before bed. believe me, i smell and feel so good that i sleep like a baby.

and as you can see, i dont like doing normal product/face beauty features either. my creative, yet wacky head thought this was perfect…because in the end, no matter the season and no matter the makeup – there will always be two sides in us. the one who is just you. and the one that uses the power of makeup to enhance the already beautiful you.


laura mercier is available in bloomingdales (dubai mall) and areej stores within the UAE

photography by tinayums

these are called double exposures, or multiple exposure – a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image.