As the cool winter breeze creeps its way into the sandpit, I figured it is the best time to share the last of my love affair this year with summer. It was hectic but definitely fun-filled in every way. One of the best things I enjoyed was touring my visiting aunt around #mydubai. Although it was not the ideal time to visit the sandpit, we had make do with the weather and went around the city as much as we could during her one week stay. I must say, I do great as a local tour guide.

And if you must know, this is one of the oldest spots in town, built way back when I was in high school. Yes, it is inspired by The Sphinx, Great Pyramids, and Pharaohs of Egypt. This is one remarkable spot to visit if you ask me and although I don’t really come here as often as I used to, it will and always be one of my favourites. Oh and can I just say that this is just one side of the place? There are more to see and once the time comes and I am all settled with the website, you will for sure see more and more of Dubai and all of these amazing places as I take you on an adventure with me as I explore Dubai. So do stay tuned coz 2017, here we come!!

Oh, and I will not be triumphed over…





photography by princess lovella