the past week has not been easy. having lost someone i know and cherish dearly. i met her a few years ago and loved how amazingly beautiful she was. with her kind heart. her thoughtful words. her motherly care. as she battled breast cancer, i saw in her, strength that i so admired. she fought with every beat of her heart. not only for herself but for the love of her family. till the very end, she never once failed to lose hope. she never once failed to turn her back on her faith. and she never once stopped smiling. last week, she passed away. and although it may seem that she lost the battle, to me she had won, with all her heart and dignity. she won for she lived a good life. a life where she never failed to show her love for others. a life where she showed how much her family meant to her. a life where she inspired people to fight. to stay strong. and to be happy, no matter how hard it gets. she, certainly lived a full life. to aunt marj…i am just a small fraction of the ones who knew you but i will forever thank you for sharing your life with me.

a bit too heavy for an outfit post right? im sure we all get to the sharing bit from time to time. and this seemed like a good thing to share for we all experience it at one point in our lives. the loss of someone you know or love is hard. it breaks our heart and cuts through with so much pain. but i believe the pain does get easier to handle as time goes by. we learn to move. and the beautiful memories will always have its way to tickle our heart.

lets begin with a brand new week. and i am claiming that it be good.

GAP top | GAP skirt | FENDI espadrilles | URBANIST wooden clutch

photography by tinayums