i have never been perfect. my skin has suffered a huge deal in past few years and because i started to do some changes in my lifestyle since late last year (quitting smoking and starting to exercise), i thought the next big step was to take care of my little face. and so when my friends at KAYA SKIN CLINIC told me they could help me out and bring out my beautiful self, i immediately jumped on board and could not wait to get things started – my skin needed a whole lot of love and i did trust KAYA in giving me loads of it.


KAYA SKIN CLINIC has been established here for a while now. i remember paying them a visit with my best friend years back and loved my experience. KAYA have established clinics all over the UAE, saudi and oman and offers a variety of treatments for skincare and haircare which i will be discussing and giving an insight to in the next couple of months so do stay tuned. my first official visit was back in 2009 and i was surprised to find my file from back them when i came in this year during my first official consultation with my assigned dermatologist. that was definitely great to know that they kept record of their clients.


i started my consulation with dr.taysir and loved how honest and helpful he was with all my questions. trust me, i had loads – from what was wrong with my skin, how to deal with it, how to fix it, if the procedures recommended would hurt, how long it will take to clear and so on. i believe it is always important to know everything you can so you can understand what you are dealing with and how to work your way through it. and thankfully enough, my dermatologist was fabulously helpful. my visit was amazingly insightful and i was pumped to get things started. after the consult, the ladies at KAYA sat with me to explain everything on my file, and we set a date for my first official treatment.


when the first official treatment day came, i was a both nervous and excited. excitement coz i so wanted to see the results and nervous coz i am a lame little lady who was scared of anything that had a hint of hurt – the procedure took about 45mins and well a few of those “ouch” moments was there, me laughing in between saying sorry to my dortor for being such a baby. all for the love of beauty ei?! anyways, he was very nice and took it slow, and the fact that he had light hands made it even better for me coz it hurt less when ever the machine touched my face. as soon as we were done, i had my red puffy smiling face.


i had to rest it out and wait for two weeks – for it to heal, applying ointment on my face 3 times a day and staying away from the sun. so basically i was stuck home – take note this happened just after i got better from being sick for two weeks, stuck in bed with a bad case of the flu and over-fatigue the entire time.  so you can safely say, i was home bound for almost or just a bit over a month. no complaints from me. i got my rest. i got my beauty. what more could a gal ask for?!


and how much did i enjoy seeing my transformation?! within a week, the burn marks started to clear and my skin looked a lot clear and healthy. i have never seen myself like this in such a long time and believe me, my smile was up to my ears. i am officially on my last week of rest before i go forward to the next treatment which will help clear the acne scars and pigmentation on my face. plus it will refresh and renew my beautiful skin. the session will take a couple of treatments and visits in a span of a couple of weeks/months depending on how long i take to rest and set my appointments in between and although this final step may take a longer time, i know it will be worth the wait and i am determined and excited to see the final results. do stand by as i will be sharing every bit of it here.


for now, i cannot thank KAYA SKIN CLINIC for making my xmas this beautiful.


to know more about the special treatments and special offers that KAYA has this december (the insta-brightening micro mask is now at 20% discount – one treatment i surely would like to try later on), please visit their official website or check out their facebook and twitter for live chats.


you can also check out my instant updates and progress on my instagram with hashtags #kayagirl #kayaskinclinic


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this was the condition of my skin before my first official procedure…i was initially asked on how comfortable i was in posting this unedited close-up image of myself and it was never really an issue. it was important for me coz it made me see how much work was really needed on my skin and it will help me see the difference and changes later on.




after my first official week of healing…saw a huge change in the start of my skin getting nice and clear…and a week after i snapped the below selfie with my phone (no edit, no filter). i cant wait to start my next procedure which will clear the remaining scars and pigmentation plus help me regain back a refreshed and beautiful skin.